Will Self


There is a moment during Will Self’s second reading from his unconventional new novel – the Booker-longlisted Umbrella – when the explosions from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo mirror the book’s narrative of the machine gun hell of the Somme. Host Stuart Kelly smiles, the audience titters: but Self carries on unflinchingly, caught up in his […]

REVIEW – Will Self, Edinburgh Book Festival

Will Self’s weapon of choice is his inimitably erudite vocabulary: he is unashamed to let loose multi-syllabled salvos into his writing – and into the audience at this entertaining and characteristically acerbic event at the Book Festival. Reading three passages from his recent fictionalised travelogue “Walking To Hollywood”, Self strode around the platform unaccompanied, spitting […]

PHOTO – Will Self

I want to be Will Self when I grow up, but I fear I’m running out of time. When I told him this at the Book Festival, he said to keep doing what I was doing, as the position would probably be vacant soon… Tweet