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In the green room of Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire, The Law are in confident mood. “We love gigging,” says singer Stuart Purvey, standing in long black coat and scarf and brushing the hair from his eyes. “We create a great energy on stage, and the crowd seem to pick up on that.” “Of course, we’re great […]

REVIEW – The Law, Cabaret Voltaire, 8th May (We Luv Musik)

Singer Stuart Purvey finishes another massive crowdpleasing number and wipes the sweat-drenched hair from his face. Drummer Martin Donald kicks out a thudding beat and a chant of ‘ooh ah up The Law’ fills Cabaret Voltaire, taken up by travelling supporters from their Dundee hometown and local punters alike. Yep, The Law are in town […]

INTERVIEW – Pose Victorious

Watch yourself, it’s Pose Victorious As they sit around in the front room of their manager’s apartment, Pose Victorious look back at their 12-month journey. “I can’t quite believe it,” says Ross, the band’s amiable singer and guitarist. “I’d always dreamed of playing live at Cabaret Voltaire…Now, here we are, playing the likes of The […]

REVIEW – The 10:04s, Fri 23rd April, Voodoo Rooms (We Luv Musik)

In the space of a few short months, Lee and Jay of We Luv Musik have established their gig nights as a regular and near essential part of the Edinburgh live music scene. This, their latest great value date at the Voodoo Rooms, was another tasty selection box of rock and roll goodness, headlined by […]

FEATURE – We Luv Musik

One beer-fuelled evening whilst on holiday in the US, two Edinburgh-based brothers had an idea. Their city’s music scene was in need of a kick up the backline: they shared a dream of creating an Edinburgh scene and an environment where bands could play, meet their fans and get their music heard. Less than 6 […]