Voodoo Rooms

FRINGE REVIEW – Mr B’s Chap-Hop Hoorah, Voodoo Rooms


By and large, performers at the Fringe are a terribly ill-mannered, slovenly lot. Not so Mr B, the gentleman rhymer. Back in Edinburgh to educate and elucidate the masses with the scintillating sound of Chap-Hop, his solo show at the Voodoo Rooms is therefore one of the most enlightening – and hilarious – you will […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Aunty Myra’s Fun Show, Voodoo Rooms


Rotherham’s finest export since Jive Bunny, Aunty Myra is a children’s entertainer without equal. Fortunately. The conceit of Myra Dubois’ enjoyably caustic hour at the Voodoo Rooms is that she has realised the best way to get regular work is to establish herself as ‘Aunty Myra’ and perform for children’s parties. And whilst her acerbic […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Das Vegas Night, Voodoo Rooms


Easily offended? Press the back button on your web browser now (unless you were already on GenocidalDictatorsSingCabaret.com). Still here? Well then, you’ll probably appreciate the Blitzkrieg bluster of Frank Sanazi and his outrageous Das Vegas Night cabaret. Coming from a land where the Second World War ended ‘a little bit differently’, Frank is a cross […]

REVIEW – Vieux Farka Touré, Voodoo Rooms, Tue 7th Feb


“If you can’t go to Africa, Africa comes to you.” So says Samba Sene, speaking between numbers during his support slot at the Voodoo Rooms. And he’s right. Tonight we’re treated to the rhythms, emotion and joy of some top quality world music in Edinburgh, courtesy of Senegalese Samba and main act Vieux Farka Touré […]

PREVIEW – Vieux Farka Touré, Voodoo Rooms, Tue 7th Feb

An evening of infectious world rhythms and blistering guitar lies in store at The Voodoo Rooms on Tue 7th Feb when Vieux Farka Touré visits town. Often referred to as ‘the Hendrix of the Sahara’, Mali-born Vieux is renowned for his dexterity and skill with a guitar. With his charisma and positive attitude, he fuses […]

REVIEW – Augustalia EP Launch, Voodoo Rooms, 18 Nov

Augustalia are a four-piece band fronted by singer songwriter Hannah O’Reilly. The band are named after an ancient Roman festival – aptly enough, as this gig has all the hallmarks of celebration and decadence of a bacchanalian orgy. If only the Romans had invented the kazoo… This gig at the Voodoo Rooms’ Speakeasy is to […]

EVENT – The Mating Ritual, The Voodoo Rooms, 22nd July

Ahead of his forthcoming Fringe appearances, compere extraordinaire Desmond O’Connor oversees The Mating Ritual at the Voodoo Rooms this Thursday evening. A boisterous and fun romp through the ages, The Mating Ritual explores the time-honoured relationship between man and woman via a series of brilliantly-choreographed burlesque routines, songs and dance. Performed by burlesque superstars Gypsy […]

REVIEW – The 10:04s, Fri 23rd April, Voodoo Rooms (We Luv Musik)

In the space of a few short months, Lee and Jay of We Luv Musik have established their gig nights as a regular and near essential part of the Edinburgh live music scene. This, their latest great value date at the Voodoo Rooms, was another tasty selection box of rock and roll goodness, headlined by […]

REVIEW – Lunch at The Voodoo Rooms


As you may recall, The Voodoo Rooms is one of our favourite bars and music venues in the city. Although I’ve drunk there (too) many times to mention, I’ve never eaten there before. Today I put that right with a quick visit for lunch. I don’t know whether it was the snowy weather or the […]

REVIEW – Voodoo Rooms


The Voodoo Rooms is a relatively new cocktail bar and live music / club venue located above the Cafe Royal pub in West Register Street. Lavishly decorated in blacks, golds and reds, The Voodoo Rooms is making the most of the neo-burlesque and retro chic movements currently in vogue and attracts a young and hip […]