REVIEW – The Scott Monument


Stunning views of Edinburgh from the Scott Monument If you visit Edinburgh, we suggest you make a trip to go up the Scott Monument. On a clear day, you get great views in all directions and get to see Edinburgh landmarks from another angle. It can be windy up there and if you are of […]

REVIEW – Day Trip Around Perthshire

I recently took some friends from out of town around Perthshire for the day.  I know the route I took like the back of my hand, but a really useful information site for Scotland is Undiscovered Scotland.  They have a great search facility, by region and by Historic Scotland sites etc all accompanied with photos so […]

REVIEW – Walk Around Craiglockhart Hill

Craiglockhart Hill is a great area to explore.  You can reach it from a number of places such as Craiglockhart Terrace (free parking) or Napier University Campus.  There are many paths you can take, but if you keep on heading upwards you will eventually come to the top and be able to see right over Edinburgh. […]

REVIEW – Inverleith Park and the Botanics

Today I made good use of the gorgeous weather and took an early morning stroll through Inverleith Park and the Botanics. This weekend sees the Edinburgh Taste Festival take place and if the weather continues, I can’t think of a better place to be. I then cut across to the Botanics, but the West Gate […]

REVIEW – Dunbar’s Close (secret) Garden

There’s a wee secret garden off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh which is a popular place for locals to hang out and read books, have their lunch or sit in peace amidst the gorgeous grounds. There’s a clue in the name to where it is.  Don’t tell too many people though! Suitable for disabled? The […]

INFO – Edinburgh Skyline

Was up town today and couldn’t resist going up Calton Hill to get a fabulous view of the city on such a clear day. Tweet

INFO – Castle in Winter Sun

The Castle has lots of different looks to it through the seasons, but sometimes I love the outline that the low winter sun produces. Photo taken from bottom of Frederick Street   Tweet