Victoria Bamber

REVIEW – Atticsalt pilates with Jo Munro

Atticsalt Pilates By Victoria Bamber As a society, we appear to be on a bit of a health kick. Gone are the days where a McDonald’s quarter pounder is followed by a couple of pints in the pub, a snooze at home and a takeaway from the local chippy for dinner. Edinburgh has woken up […]

EVENT – Leith Festival, 10-19th June 2011

Leith Festival announce their 2011 programme Famous for its many festivals, the city of Edinburgh does what it can to entertain and inspire local residents and visitors alike. From the 10th-19th June this year, the annual Leith Festival will take place, providing a celebration of vibrancy and talent in an area renowned for its sense […]

REVIEW – The Old Children’s Bookshelf, Edinburgh

Old Children’s Bookshelf, Canongate By Victoria Bamber “Do you see that thick, dark wood over there, backing on to the lane at the bottom of our garden? Well, listen, that’s the Enchanted Wood! We’ve had all sorts of adventures there, adventures you wouldn’t believe in your wildest dreams…” In an unobtrusive area of The Royal […]

REVIEW – Xiangbala Hotpot, Dalry Road, Edinburgh


  Looking for a different dining experience?  Try Xiangbala Hotpot      By Victoria Bamber    As a former student, I have always prided myself on being a connoisseur of local take-aways, fast food eateries and ‘cheap and cheerful’ establishments; yet visiting Xiangbala Hotpot on Dalry Road put all previous Chinese food acquaintances to shame, for this […]

REVIEW – Holyrood Palace


By Victoria Bamber     At the end of The Royal Mile lies a gem. A gem sometimes overshadowed in a city with so many vibrant attractions and picturesque buildings. Overlooked by Arthur’s Seat and surrounded by stunning Scottish scenery lies The Palace of Holyroodhouse, which, if its walls could talk, would tell you tales of love, […]

FEATURE – Victoria Bamber, Moving to Edinburgh

“I have an idea. Let’s move to Edinburgh!”    By Victoria Bamber  Leaving university and taking tentative steps towards growing up is a landmark that many students find more terrifying than expanding overdrafts and approaching deadlines. I was no different. After graduating from the University of Salford with a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting I […]