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FRINGE PREVIEW & TICKET OFFER – Pinocchio: A Fantasy Of Pleasures

Company XIV are theatrical Libertines, meaning their productions aim to be concoctions of extravagant excess and tempting decadence. With its blend of Neo-Baroque style, Commedia del’Arte, ballet and bone-flexing, their production of Pinocchio: A Fantasy of Pleasures is therefore unlikely to feature a singing cartoon cricket – or indeed resemble any other telling of the […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Turandot (Universal Arts)

We have five pairs of tickets to give away to any one of Turandot‘s preview performances at the New Town Theatre from 4-8 Aug at 15:00. To win a pair, simply email competitions@edinburghspotlight.com with a subject of ‘Turandot ticket offer’, your name and the date you would like to attend. As we file into a […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Pawel Passini, director of Turandot (Universal Arts)

Although Polish theatre has a long literary tradition, contemporary artists, groups and directors have embraced a more expressive, avant-garde style. Using elements of puppetry and visual arts, boundaries are blurred by creators who view sound, sets and visual direction as being equally as important as script, character and live performance. With a history of oppression […]

FRINGE – Best Venue Award 2010

With nearly 400 venues ranging from tiny spaces in the back rooms of pubs to huge auditoriums capable of seating hundreds of people, it sometimes seems as though everywhere in Edinburgh is turned into a Fringe venue in August. Some in particular manage to capture the spirit of the Fringe perfectly; as well as being […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Rhythms With Soul (Universal Arts)


August 25 – 29 1550 – 1700, Universal Arts The stage of the Majestic Theatre must have been specially reinforced for this captivating display of flamenco, in all its intense and passionate foot-stamping glory. Indeed, there are times when Miguel Vargas’ feet become a blur, so fast are his powerful and hypnotic steps. The Venezuelan-born […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Feels Good To Be Live – Something Relevant (Universal Arts)


25 – 29 August 2230-2330, Universal Arts At first, a couple of people get up on their feet, dancing to the feel-good rhythms and infectious grooves. Before long, nearly all of the audience are out of their seats, lost in Something Relevant’s smooth and upbeat music, as the seven-piece band from Mumbai continue their hugely […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Barockestra (Universal Arts)


22 – 29 August 2210-2320, Universal Arts When it’s going at things full-tilt (which is most of the time), Barockestra is a gloriously over-the-top head-on collision between classical and rock music. Whether his fingers are buzzing over the frets during Flight of the Bumble Bee or crashing out the crescendo chords to the 1812 Overture, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Rhythm of the Drums: Song of the Cicada (Universal Arts)


Aug 22 1340-1440, Universal Arts The Dong and Miao minorities of south-western China have a strong tradition of singing and dancing in their culture, from songs of celebration and courtship, to folk tunes with a proud and joyful air. The performers from Rhythm of the Drums are a colourful and spectacular sight as they take […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Three Men In A Boat – Rodney Bewes (Universal Arts)


9 – 29 August (not 16 or 23) 1700-1810, Universal Arts There are few tales so quintessentially English as Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men In a Boat. Rodney Bewes pays homage to that fact by choosing to play his one-handed adaptation in the style of another very English tradition: that of the music hall. This […]

FRINGE REVIEW – More Light Please by Theatr Praga (Universal Arts)


8 – 29 August (not 10, 17 or 24) 1445-1545, Universal Arts A lone and seldom-heard voice is given a stage in More Light Please by Theatr Praga in Universal Arts’ Mysterious Theatre. Natalia is a Polish emigrant, leaving her homeland for an imagined optimistic life of happiness with her father, who is working in […]