Amidst the intentionally ramshackle steampunkish chaos of Flown, the skills and talents Pirates of the Carabina take flight in what proves to be a hugely enjoyable, seductive and exciting circus performance. The staples are all here: tightrope walking, aerial acrobatics, rope work and hula hoops — but everything has a refreshing air of originality added […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik


The ice caps have melted, flooding most of the planet. Only one chance remains: a hero must travel to the ocean floor to locate the one thing left which can save the world. That hero is Alvin Sputnik. As interested in following the shining soul of his recently-departed wife as he is in ushering in […]

FRINGE REVIEW: EastEnd Cabaret: Notoriously Kinky, Underbelly


On paper, EastEnd Cabaret sound like they were the result of a particularly surreal spin of the Random Comedy Musical Double-Act Generator. On one hand we have Bernadette, a seductive cross between Liza Minelli and a Bond villiainess; on the other there is Victor/Victoria, a ‘freakish’ half man, half woman, 100% psychotic. Live however, EastEnd […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Flawless at Edinburgh Fringe 2011

When the mini-members of Edinburgh Spotlight met Flawless Flawless are currently touring the UK with a spectacular dance show called “Intergalactic Dream”. Having the chance to interview them with the back-drop of the space-age architecture of Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh was a real treat for our junior Fringe reviewers, who were fresh from awarding  their […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Paul Foot: Still Life


Paul Foot is obviously a man who likes to play with the conventions of comedy. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he is sufficiently confident at this preview show to spend fully half of his allotted time on introductory material. From the moment Foot announces himself from an “undisclosed location”, the audience are on his side. No […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Ukulele Project (Underbelly)


18 – 29 August 1245-1345, Underbelly Although they are sadly a member down, due to Steph succumbing to illness during their Edinburgh run, The Ukulele Project as a trio strum their way through a perfectly charming and joyful hour of small-stringed music at the Underbelly. Fresh-faced and eager without one ounce of pretention between them, […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Frisky & Mannish

“2009 was a rollercoaster!” says Frisky, sitting outside the purple cow of the Udderbelly. “We weren’t sure if Frisky & Mannish was going to continue, so we pinned everything on last year’s Fringe – we gave it everything we’ve got.” “It helped to create a real buzz,” says Mannish, her partner in pop. “It allowed […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Frisky & Mannish: The College Years (Underbelly)


12 – 29 August (not 17) 2100-2200, Underbelly Frisky & Mannish exploded onto the scene last year with their hilariously enjoyable School of Pop (reprised, for one night only at the Udderbelly on Aug 12). This year, the talented tutors return, now having graduated from 2009’s fresher year with another clever, uproarious and skillful show […]

FRINGE PHOTO – Frisky & Mannish

Our interview with the poptastic duo Frisky & Mannish will be on the site tomorrow. In the meantime, check out their rather wonderful show at The Underbelly. Tweet

FRINGE REVIEW – Pedestrian, Tom Wainwright


Until 29 Aug  (not 16)  1900 (2010)  @ Underbelly By Emily P Pedestrian is the newest one man show from rising talent Tom Wainwright. From the introduction in the programme we know it shall concern his nightmare of a malignant goldfish he, through feeding, maintained in a state of misery for 14 years. Along with […]