Two Episodes of MASH

FRINGE REVIEW – Two Episodes of MASH (Pleasance Dome)


24 – 29 August 1420-1520, Pleasance Dome When Joe Wilkinson holds up a placard heralding the arrival of ‘sketch #9’ ten minutes into Two Episodes of MASH’s show, you realise you’re in for another 50 minutes of fast-paced, well-played comedy from him and his co-star Diane Morgan. With a heavy emphasis on absurd and awkward […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Two Episodes of MASH, Pleasance Dome

4th – 29th August (not the 11th, 16th or 23rd) Pleasance Dome, 4.20-5.15pm When stand-up comedians Diane Morgan and Joe Wilkinson met at the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year in 2006, they decided to pair up to form the now critically-acclaimed Two Episodes of MASH, a sketch show with a heavy emphasis on […]