Tightlaced Theatre

FRINGE REVIEW – From the Lilypad


With a magic flute, daring rodent musketeers and an evil greedy goblin, Tightlaced Theatre’s From The Lilypad has all the elements of a classic children’s fairytale. Set around Tony ‘not a toad‘ the Frog’s pond, events are set in motion when the water fairy’s flute is stolen by the goblin and his crow henchmen. Together […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – From the Lilypad: Tightlaced Theatre

Edinburgh-based Tightlaced Theatre aim to prove that Fringe theatre in the city isn’t just for August. That said, they have two shows in the programme this year, including From the Lilypad, the third in a series of charming children’s shows by one of the company’s resident writers Robert Howat. We caught up with Robert and […]

ARTICLE – Tightlaced Theatre move into ‘Fort Tightlaced’

You can’t see it, but it’s definitely there. You can hear its whisper amongst the air of excitement and enthusiasm; feel its touch amidst the atmosphere of dedication and ambition. In the recently-opened darkness of Fort Tightlaced at the Art’s Complex in Edinburgh, the Spirit of Fringe Theatre finally has a home. Formed by Jennifer […]

INTERVIEW – Fiona McDonald, Tightlaced Theatre ‘writerling’

Tightlaced Theatre are an Edinburgh-based theatre group who focus on new writing: developing new plays, encouraging new writing talent and living up admirably to their strapline of “Fringe theatre in Edinburgh isn’t just for August”. Here, we caught up with one of their writers-in-residence, Fiona McDonald. Fiona has written two pieces for Tightlaced, both of […]

REVIEW – The Dress Affair, Tightlaced Theatre


As The Woman removes her outer garments to reveal The Dress for the first time; or The Man takes off his hat, immediately transforming from predator to prey, you realise that The Dress Affair is – literally and thematically – a multi-layered work. The latest production from Edinburgh-based new writing collective Tightlaced Theatre, The Dress […]

PREVIEW – The Dress Affair, The GRV, 7-11 Sep, 19:30

Created organically and collaboratively, The Dress Affair is a reflection of Tightlaced Theatre’s vision and ethos – to provide a platform for new writing and theatrical works from Edinburgh’s rich pool of creative talent. Deputy Artistic Director Flavia D’Avila first read “O Caso do Vestido” – a poem by Brazil’s ‘national poet’ Carlos Drummond de […]

REVIEW – Songs from the Heart & Elsewhere, Tightlaced Theatre

Local poet Beverley Wright’s first book was recently published in style, with its launch accompanied by a performance installation from Tightlaced Theatre, an Edinburgh based company with a focus on new writing. A full house packed into the St. Augustine’s Church Centre to experience Songs from the Heart and Elsewhere and to snap up copies […]

PREVIEW – Tightlaced Theatre presents Songs from the Heart & Elsewhere

With subjects as diverse as death and cheesegraters, Songs From The Heart & Elsewhere – a collection of poems by Beverley Wright – certainly sounds intriguing. The collection will be launched at Blackwell book store on South Bridge this week on Wednesday 9th June at 6pm and will also feature a performance intervention. Then, at […]