Tiger Lillies

FRINGE REVIEW – The Tiger Lillies Live in Concert (Pleasance)


10 – 21 August (not 11) 2145-2245, Pleasance If they didn’t exist, David Lynch would have to invent them… With their songs about freaks, creeps and weirdos of all kinds, The Tiger Lillies are not a band for the easily-offended. Like malicious clowns with ill intent, they revel in taking any taboo going and twisting […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Universal Arts @ New Town Theatre

With its grand, ornate and slightly mysterious interior, The Freemasons’ Hall in George Street could have leapt straight off the pages of a Dan Brown novel. For the month of August however, it is a temple to the true Spirit of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and plays host to one of the most exciting and […]