FRINGE REVIEW – Trailblaze Theatre, A Dirty Martini

Trailblaze Theatre are everything that a young company bringing a show to Edinburgh should be. They’re bright, sparky, enthusiastic and attractive, and if A Dirty Martini is anything to go by, they’re full of potential. Some of that potential is realised. Some of it is not. A Dirty Martini works like a Choose Your Own […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Berlin Cabaret


Girls performing risqué numbers in corsets has become a familiar sight in the past few years so it’s refreshing to see a company actually attempting to recreate a true early 20th century German cabaret rather than the watered down version we’re more commonly offered. From the moment you enter the theatre the dancing girls greet […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The World’s Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh


By Danielle Farrow Your tour guide is Cuth (short for Cuthbert) and he has a young assistant called Toni, there to deal with Health and Safety. Cuth is intent on getting into the Co-operative Union of National Tour Guides but the course of sanctioned guiding never did run smooth. Problems include Toni’s inexperience / inefficiency, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Shakespeare’s Queens: She-wolves and Serpents, C eca


Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and William Shakespeare are brought together in the afterlife to perform for a modern-day audience. With the Bard acting as referee between an uneasy alliance of the monarchs, they decide to race through his works, highlighting the characters and roles of his regal females. Shakesepeare’s Queens is the […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Flanagan Collective, Githa


By Jen McGregor There’s plenty of promise in this one-woman show from The Flanagan Collective, but it’s a pity to see them hamstrung by the technical constraints of the venue and by being a little too cautious with the material. The subject of the play is Katherine Githa Sowerby, an early 20th century playwright whose […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Miss Julie, theSpace on North Bridge


By Danielle Farrow August Strindberg’s Miss Julie turns class and gender clashes into an intimate and often highly disturbing encounter between the titular aristocratic daughter of the house and one of its footman (Jean), with his ‘intended’ the cook adding some religion to the toxic brew. Overshadowing their seductions, lies, dramatics and power plays, is […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Salomé by Oscar Wilde


By Danielle Farrow Oscar Wilde’s Salomé is a verse piece with a very strong seductive rhythm. His words are gorgeous, sumptuous and descriptive of decadence, reflecting the court of Herod wherein the play is set. All of this needs a production that can play with the rhythm and really make visceral the words. Wilde’s words […]

FRINGE FREVIEW – Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid


By Danielle Farrow Tales from Ovid are told in this Hecate Theatre production by young Victorian ladies in their nightgowns on the eve of their society debuts, which they see as their transition into womanhood and which has them far too excited to sleep. This theme of change leads into bed-time story-telling as the girls, […]



By Danielle Farrow Playwright Chris Goode has taken Karl James’ interviews with over seventy children, aged between six and eleven, and created Monkey Bars, a verbatim play, advertised as having “a revelatory twist”. This twist is, presumably, the play’s characters – adults in adult situations speaking the words of children. The main idea seems to […]