three stars

REVIEW – Long Day’s Journey Into Night, Lyceum Theatre


Tony Cownie’s enlightening production of Eugene O’Neill’s posthumous prizewinner depicts a family whose secrets cast a long shadow. Set in 1912, Long Day’s Journey Into Night focuses on a single day in the lives of the Tyrone family in their fog-enshrouded Connecticut home by the sea. Mary (Diana Kent) and James (Paul Shelley) are reunited […]

EIF REVIEW – American Lulu


Lulu is bold and amoral, her character proud and unflinching through the events of 50s, 60s and 70s America, where Scottish Opera and The Opera Group’s Amercian Lulu is set. Siren-like, she bewitches then toys with the men (and women) who sail too close to her spell, before her past ultimately catches up with her […]

EIF REVIEW – Don Quichotte du Trocadéro


The hero in José Montalvo’s fun and frivolous Don Quichotte du Trocadéro doesn’t so much tilt at windmills, as shake his naked belly at them. Montalvo’s ensemble piece takes loose themes from Cervantes’ source and blends them into a comic dance burlesque, where Patric Thibaud’s Don Quichotte wanders through a dreamlike world modelled on the […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Long Live The Little Knife


By Danielle Farrow David Leddy’s tale of grifters, brothels, mediumship, exploitation and castration – set up as related to him in a pub by two drunken scam artists – plays with fakery and reality, theatre and meta-theatre, suspension of disbelief and the art of swindling. It includes swipes at financial, celebrity and art markets and […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Rory McGrath and Philip Pope, Bridge Over Troubled Lager

By A MacDonald If your Dad is in a band, or you are a Dad in a band, this show will hold instant appeal. Here we join Rory McGrath and Philip Pope for an hour of cheekily naughty songs, interspersed with wit and onstage camaraderie. With songs about tweeting, Eurovision, the C word and Cornish […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Sara Pascoe vs. the Truth


By A MacDonald There are no facts, only interpretations. This philosophy of Nietzsche is the presiding theme of Sara Pascoe’s stand up show- Sara Pascoe vs. The Truth. Sara has appeared in The Thick of It, Twenty Twelve and is a regular on Stand Up For the Week, and returns to the Fringe this time […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Seven Deadly Sins


By Veronika Kallus A fantastic cast was pulled together in all quarters as orchestra musicians, opera singers and ballet dancers for this performance of The Seven Deadly Sins. But Bert Brecht/Kurt Weill arrangements are traditionally difficult to stage because large and loud instrumental groups often have to compete with small vocal casts (like for example […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Gamarjobat Rock Out


After too long an absence, Fringe favourites Gamarjobat are back with another madcap hour of physical mayhem, mime and borderline insanity. A pair of besuited Japanese clowns with mohicans, Gamarjobat’s brand of fun is so infectious it should come with a health warning. Immediately winning over the audience with their blend of physical tomfoolery and […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Voices Made Night


By Veronika Kallus A dusty, washed out sequence of fair tales, modern Mozambican tales. Of men and women, of husbands and wives: Death, murder, mysteries – there are many facets of relationships represented in these five stories – but none is quite a vibrant and clear and straight forward as one would have wanted it […]



Illuminated frames provide polaroid snapshots of a lonely woman’s memories. From her own childhood to the moment her parents first met, these frozen moments are brought to life by Gecko Theatre’s Missing, in a captivating and artistic interpretation of physical theatre in its purest form. Using puppetry, dance and mime, the performers assemble the jigsaw […]