The OK Social Club


Anyone doubting Edinburgh’s position as a live music hotspot would be well advised to spend Sunday 16th September at EH1 LIVE, where over 50 bands from around Scotland will be playing across five of the city’s venues. From the up-close-and-personal charms of Whistlebinkies to the legendary live stage of the Liquid Rooms, bands such as […]

INTERVIEW – The OK Social Club

Long-time fans of Edinburgh band The OK Social Club may be surprised to learn the band are only now just about to release their debut single. “We should’ve changed the name!” says frontman Raff. “Though a couple of the old songs are still there, it literally is a different band.” “It’s the first time we […]

INTERVIEW – The OK Social Club

Sitting in their ‘spiritual home’ – The Royal Mile Tavern – The OK Social Club are in optimistic mood. “We’ve had a lot of interest shown in the latest EPs,” says Raff, the band’s laid-back and friendly frontman, “and we’ve got loads of gigs lined up all over the country.” “Though we’re under no illusions,” […]

REVIEW – The Law, Cabaret Voltaire, 8th May (We Luv Musik)

Singer Stuart Purvey finishes another massive crowdpleasing number and wipes the sweat-drenched hair from his face. Drummer Martin Donald kicks out a thudding beat and a chant of ‘ooh ah up The Law’ fills Cabaret Voltaire, taken up by travelling supporters from their Dundee hometown and local punters alike. Yep, The Law are in town […]