The Nature Boys

PREVIEW – The Nature Boys, Cabaret Voltaire, 3 June

One of our favourite bands here at Edinburgh Spotlight is The Nature Boys, featuring our good friend and charity athlete extraordinaire Mark Cooper on guitar. Mark – together with bandmates Andy, Ben and Cammy – adopts quite a different guise when playing with The Nature Boys. Like feral children raised on scraps of Iggy Pop […]

EP REVIEW – Pretty by The Nature Boys


The music Hall of Fame is piled high with the debris created by shambolic two-bit punk bands who dared to stick up their fingers to the musos and the pretty boys, plug in their amps and create cacophony from chaos. Edinburgh’s own The Nature Boys are the latest to add their trashed-out tunes to the […]

INTERVIEW – The Nature Boys

Onstage, The Nature Boys‘ lead singer Cammy is possessed by the spirits of Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop and Tenpole Tudor; performing with a chaotic energy which ensures the band provide as unforgettable a visual experience as they do a musical one. In the cold of a vaulted cellar-based rehearsal space in January however, he keeps […]

PHOTO – The Nature Boys

“Edinburgh’s favourite underground prodigal punk troupe” (it says here) The Nature Boys in rehearsal. An interview with the Boys (featuring Mark Cooper of Run With Mark fame) will feature on the site soon; as well as a review of their charity gig on the 5th Feb. Tweet