The Cherry Orchard

REVIEW – The Cherry Orchard, Lyceum Theatre


When the set rotates on the Lyceum’s stage part way through John Byrne’s adaptation of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, you’re given a literal reminder that this is a play about opposites and social revolution. Replacing the early 20th century Russian lords and ladies of the original with the loons and quines of north-east Scotland, Byrne […]

PREVIEW – The Cherry Orchard, Lyceum Theatre, 16 April – 8 May

More family feuds and fortunes at The Lyceum Theatre, with The Cherry Orchard, the last show in their varied and – gasmasks notwithstanding – excellent 2009/10 season. John Byrne adapts Chekhov’s original tale, transferring the action from turn of the century Russia to 1970s Scotland. Here, the Ramsay-Mackays find their well of past glories running […]