Team M&M

FRINGE REVIEW – The Pantry Shelf (Sweet Grassmarket)


August 25 – 30 1245 – 1340, Sweet Grassmarket When they first appear on stage, you would be forgiven for thinking the characters dressed in gigantic food costumes are about to perform a slapstick sketch show or take part in some reenactment of It’s A Knockout. Peel back the outer layers of packaging on Team […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – The Pantry Shelf

5th-30th August 12.45-1.40pm, Sweet Grassmarket There is one play at the Fringe this year which dares to provide an answer to that age-old question which has puzzled scholars, philosophers – and chefs – throughout the ages… Can porridge fall in love? The Pantry Shelf at the Sweet Grassmarket flings opens the door on the hidden […]