tea dance

FRINGE REVIEW – Tea Dance, Pleasance Dome


7-30 Aug (not 16, 23), 1830 (1930) @ Pleasance Dome In the Palm Court, a couple are dancing. Her brocade skirts swirl across the cafe floor, the feathers in her hair sway gently, and her velvet-gloved hand rests on the shoulder of a dashing gent, resplendent in tails, cravat and spats. No, this is not […]

FEATURE – Miss Fitz-Poste’s Modern Mixers

“We’re both perfectionists and control freaks!” Emily laughs as her business partner Julie nods in agreement. “So we have high standards,” says Emily. “We want our events to be special and different – but above all, to be very high quality.” Together, Emily and Julie are the masterminds behind Miss Fitz-Poste’s Modern Mixers, a fast-becoming […]