Siege Perilous

REVIEW: One Elliot Park, Siege Perilous


Obsession, compulsion and disorder are all on display beyond the doors of One Elliot Park, which the residents return to one weekend to find mysteriously left wide open. And in Siege Perilous’ claustrophobic and tense production of Edinburgh playwright Lindsay Miller’s psychological thriller, it is more than just the doors which are ajar. Young loner […]

REVIEW – Standing Stanes, Siege Perilous


Caught amidst the conflicts of the 1980s Cold War and his own personal relationships, dreamer Craig (Matt Robertson) has a vision: to build a monument of modern-day megaliths to rival Stonehenge on a patch of disused land near Dundee. Used to his schemes and deals, long-suffering fiancee Kim (LaVerne Hawthorne) is at first sceptical. Then, […]

REVIEW – Turning to the Camera, Siege Perilous


In Simon Jackson’s enjoyably fast-paced “noir thriller” directed by Andy Corelli, tabloid photographer Ian Thompson finds himself the focus of undesired attention after witnessing an Egyptian diplomat being thrown from a fifth-floor window. As he recounts the series of events to a pair of police interrogators, we learn that whilst the camera never lies, the […]

PREVIEW – Turning to the Camera at Ocean Terminal

Independent theatre companies in Edinburgh are hardly spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a venue to perform in. Andrew Corelli Jones, co-director of Leith-based Siege Perilous, has found a novel way around this problem however: the company‚Äôs latest production – Turning To The Camera – will be staged in an empty retail unit […]

REVIEW – Burke (Siege Perilous)


“Here’s to today: yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s not ready.” An ironically apt toast spoken by the character of ‘bodysnatcher’ William Burke as he spends his final night in prison prior to his execution. In this tight and gripping three-hander, director Stuart Nicoll shines a light on the dark motives of Burke & Hare as crime […]

REVIEW – Suspicious Minds by Siege Perilous


In a play where The King features so prominently, you just know it’s going to end with that line. Elvis leaving the building is really the only predictable thing you’ll be exposed to in Suspicious Minds, the latest production from Edinburgh-based theatre company Siege Perilous. Director and company co-founder Andy Corelli tends the bar in […]

NEWS – Siege Perilous win New Arts Sponsorship award

Edinburgh-based theatre company Siege Perilous has attracted an Arts & Business sponsorship award. Funded by the Scottish government, this match-funding scheme will double the company’s sponsorship benefits and is allowing them to embark upon a programme of five shows in 2010. The first of these is Suspicious Minds, a new work from Edinburgh writer Caroline […]

PREVIEW – ‘A Christmas Carol’ at The GRV

“Bah, humbug!” Not so at The GRV on Thursday 17th December, where master story-teller and Edinburgh stage veteran Ian Watt breathes life into a specially adapted reading of ‘A Christmas Carol’, hosted by Siege Perilous, an Edinburgh-based professional theatre company. The last date of a short Scottish tour, this will be your last chance to […]