Royal Lyceum Theatre

REVIEW – The Bondagers


On a muted yet atmospheric set designed by Jamie Vartan, Sue Glover’s The Bondagers eke out a meagre living working the land in 19th century Scotland. Bound together by toil, the women are at the bottom of a social pile, pressed down by the largely male-dominated strata of maisters, hinds and ploughmen. The first half […]

REVIEW – Kill Johnny Glendenning


The Lyceum’s new season opens with a gleefully violent bang courtesy of DC Jackson’s viciously black comedy, Kill Johnny Glendenning. Andrew MacPherson (Paul Samson) is a sharp-dressed gentleman Glasgow gangster, complete with a hierarchy of hitmen and his own personal biographer in the shape of tabloid crime reporter Bruce (Steven McNicoll). When MacPherson sleights the […]

REVIEW – Dark Road, Lyceum


Ian Rankin and Mark Thomson’s Dark Road is far from a straight one. Lined with buried secrets and shadowy motives, it twists and turns, creating a tangible sense of unease before arriving at its unsettling, edge-of-the-seat climax. Chief Superintendent Isobel McArthur (Maureen Beattie) is nearing retirement. Wanting to ensure she continues to support herself and […]

PREVIEW – Dark Road, Lyceum Theatre

Although Ian Rankin has ventured away from the world of novels before, he has — up until now — never taken his words to the stage. That changes this month, with what is possibly The Lyceum’s most eagerly anticipated season opener in years, Dark Road. Written by Rankin in collaboration with Lyceum director Mark Thomson, […]

REVIEW – Takin’ Over The Asylum, Lyceum Theatre


By giving the inmates of the fictional St Jude’s psychiatric hospital an opportunity to have their voices heard, Donna Franceschild’s Takin’ Over The Asylum broadcasts not only the plight of those in care, but also airs the humour to be found in what some might think to be the bleakest of situations. A co-production with […]

REVIEW – The Infamous Brothers Davenport, Lyceum Theatre


Inspired by two real-life Victorian spiritualist performers, The Infamous Brothers Davenport opens a box filled with magic and memory in this world premiere at the Lyceum, co-produced with Glasgow’s Vox Motus. Written by Candice Edmunds, Jamie Harrison and Peter Arnott, and directed by Harrison and Edmunds, The Infamous Brothers Davenport is a showy and technically-complex […]