INTERVIEW – Casino Queen

“Loud, dark and noisy.” That’s Stewart’s response when asked to sum up Casino Queen in three words. Stewart and Connor have been together for two years, playing their unique mix of noised-up blues-tinged rock. “We don’t see ourselves as part of any scene,” says Stewart. “We do this for ourselves.” Connor nods. He’s quiet during […]

EP REVIEW – Hagana by Hagana


Within the first five seconds of this excellent release from Hagana, you know exactly where this Edinburgh-based trio are coming from. The monumental riffs of She Said crash down like a tsunami on Rockaway Beach as the band surge through three and a half minutes of nigh-on perfect punk pop. With it’s ten-foot high dirty […]

INTERVIEW – March Her To Norway

Slightly damp and bedraggled after an outdoor photoshoot in typically Scottish summer weather, March Her To Norway sit back in the relative comfort of a coffee shop and talk about their music and their plans. “Above all, we’re about having fun and playing live,” says vocalist and guitarist Andy. “And not sounding cheesy.” “We play […]

REVIEW – This Is Not A Toga Party, 2nd June (Bainbridge Presents)

This Is Not A Toga Party is another product of Bainbridge Presents…, the music promotion arm of Great Junction Street Music Studios helmsmen Chris and Gus. Toga Party is a monthly affair currently taking place at Maggie’s Chambers at The Three Sisters in the Cowgate. It’s aimed at students and travellers – but still with […]

REVIEW – CD Quality at Henry’s Cellar Bar, 28 May (Bainbridge Presents)

Nirvana, post-Richey Manics, Therapy, Rod, Jane & Freddy – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is crammed with bands who make more noise than three people have a right to. It’s appropriate then that 3/4 of the bands at tonight’s CD Quality gig are three-pieces, proving that Edinburgh’s got its fair share of rock […]


In the green room of Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire, The Law are in confident mood. “We love gigging,” says singer Stuart Purvey, standing in long black coat and scarf and brushing the hair from his eyes. “We create a great energy on stage, and the crowd seem to pick up on that.” “Of course, we’re great […]

REVIEW – Jump: Press A, Henry’s Cellar Bar

The atmosphere inside Henry’s Cellar Bar is already hotter than an Icelandic volcano as Jump: Press A take the stage. They’re second up on one of the venue’s regular ‘Rock Chick’ nights, and the place is packed as they turn the heat up further by pouring their punk pop paraffin on the fire. J:PA appear […]

INTERVIEW – Who’s Edna

The band that plays together stays together “Everything just gels when we’re together,” says Kirstie, lead singer (and very occasional guitarist) with local rock outfit Who’s Edna. Before she joined Greg, Scott and Stuart – replacing a couple of previous singers who didn’t work out – the band didn’t feel as though it had a […]

INTERVIEW – The VooDoo Conspiracy

Sarah, lead singer of Edinburgh-based five-piece The VooDoo Conspiracy is excited about her impending new release. The US-born vocalist is heavily pregnant, and will therefore be taking a step back from the band’s live schedule. A stand-in singer, Lisa, will be providing ‘maternity cover’ for Sarah in her absence. “I’m planning to come back when […]