GIG REVIEW – A Fight You Can’t Win, Henry’s Cellar Bar, 10 Sep

A Fight You Can’t Win will sweat for you. If you’re lucky enough, they will share some of that sweat with you after their set – they’re that kind of caring band. This gig was the debut of AFYCW’s new guitarist, Lesley (she’s a lady, she doesn’t sweat – but she did glow quite a […]

EP REVIEW – Pretty by The Nature Boys


The music Hall of Fame is piled high with the debris created by shambolic two-bit punk bands who dared to stick up their fingers to the musos and the pretty boys, plug in their amps and create cacophony from chaos. Edinburgh’s own The Nature Boys are the latest to add their trashed-out tunes to the […]

ALBUM REVIEW – A Fight You Can’t Win by A Fight You Can’t Win


In the unlikely event you don’t like one of the wiry little scrappers on A Fight You Can’t Win‘s debut album, don’t worry: another one will be along in a couple of minutes. This Edinburgh-based punk / grunge trio have a knack of firing out short sharp tunes which blister with energy and seething passion. […]

REVIEW – This Is Not A Toga Party, 2nd June (Bainbridge Presents)

This Is Not A Toga Party is another product of Bainbridge Presents…, the music promotion arm of Great Junction Street Music Studios helmsmen Chris and Gus. Toga Party is a monthly affair currently taking place at Maggie’s Chambers at The Three Sisters in the Cowgate. It’s aimed at students and travellers – but still with […]

REVIEW – CD Quality at Henry’s Cellar Bar, 28 May (Bainbridge Presents)

Nirvana, post-Richey Manics, Therapy, Rod, Jane & Freddy – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is crammed with bands who make more noise than three people have a right to. It’s appropriate then that 3/4 of the bands at tonight’s CD Quality gig are three-pieces, proving that Edinburgh’s got its fair share of rock […]

INTERVIEW – The Nature Boys

Onstage, The Nature Boys‘ lead singer Cammy is possessed by the spirits of Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop and Tenpole Tudor; performing with a chaotic energy which ensures the band provide as unforgettable a visual experience as they do a musical one. In the cold of a vaulted cellar-based rehearsal space in January however, he keeps […]

INTERVIEW – Next Big Nothing

If the kids are united There was a time when Edinburgh’s music scene seemed to consist of little more than two old men with a fiddle and a skiffleboard. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for that kind of thing, but it’s great to now see bands like Next Big Nothing, an Edinburgh-based group […]