Are you a fan of action movies? Are you such a big fan of action movies that you sometimes make a gun with your fingers and pretend that you’re in one? The four athletically hyperactive performers from Denmark’s Neander certainly are. Stuck in a crushingly dull world of spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes, they alleviate their […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Trench, Pleasance


The Great War has been used as a metaphor for futility and sacrifice many times, but seldom with as powerful and mythic a poignancy as in Les Enfants Terribles’ The Trench. Bert (Oliver Lansley) serves beneath the front, inching towards enemy lines as he digs out tunnels below the carnage raging above. Befriending young recruit […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Flawless at Edinburgh Fringe 2011

When the mini-members of Edinburgh Spotlight met Flawless Flawless are currently touring the UK with a spectacular dance show called “Intergalactic Dream”. Having the chance to interview them with the back-drop of the space-age architecture of Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh was a real treat for our junior Fringe reviewers, who were fresh from awarding  their […]



In spite of the heat in Pleasance Grand, Rich Hall manages to exude an effortless cool. Interweaving stories of his dual life in Britain and America with song, he takes the audience on a journey through the world according to Hall. This is one American who has done his research, winning the audience over with localism yet providing commentary […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Terrible Infants (Pleasance Grand)


August 27 – 30 1400-1510, Pleasance Grand You’re in for a rather delicious treat. Just be careful you don’t gorge too heavily on the feast which The Terrible Infants lay out, or you could end up like Tumb – the boy who ate his mum. This and many other wonderfully grotesque characters are brought to […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Al Murray, The Pub Landlord’s Compete For The Meat


Until 28 Aug  1230 (1400) @ Pleasance Dome  Al Murray has returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with a  bargain £5 show in which the contestants of the lunchtime quiz can win an actual frozen chicken!  There are sausages for the runners up and ‘nothing but shame’ for the losers.  I bravely seated myself at a front-row table […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Vaudevillains (Pleasance Palm Court)


The atmosphere before The Vaudevillains, Les Enfants Terribles’ one-off show at the Pleasance Dome, was more like being at a rock concert than a theatrical production. After presenting much-loved and critically-acclaimed shows such as The Terrible Infants and Ernest & The Pale Moon at previous Fringes, it is easy to understand the devotion from those […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Vive Le Cabaret (Pleasance Ghillie Dhu)


11 – 30 August (not 23) 2130-2245, Pleasance Ghillie Dhu If it’s late-night variety of the highest calibre you’re after, look no further than the Pleasance Ghillie Dhu this August with its raucous and hugely-entertaining Vive Le Cabaret. Compered by that mischievous mephistopheles himself, Desmond O’Connor, this is 75 minutes of non-stop burlesque and ‘new […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Tiger Lillies Live in Concert (Pleasance)


10 – 21 August (not 11) 2145-2245, Pleasance If they didn’t exist, David Lynch would have to invent them… With their songs about freaks, creeps and weirdos of all kinds, The Tiger Lillies are not a band for the easily-offended. Like malicious clowns with ill intent, they revel in taking any taboo going and twisting […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Domestic Goddi: Wonderland


4 – 30 Aug 14.45 (15.45) @ Pleasance Beside A sometimes hit-and-miss collection of sketches is performed by the undeniably talented Helen O’Brien, Rosie Wilkinson and Genevieve Swallow.   The show is still written by Wilkinson and O’Brian, but this year the wonderfully named and recently initiated Genevieve Swallow makes up the Domestic Goddi trio. […]