FEATURE – A look back at our Edinburgh photos from 2012

We do love taking photos of Edinburgh and 2012 was no exception. We don’t always publish our photos on the website, but do tweet them out (via @EdinSpotlight ) and post them on our Facebook page. Here’s some of our pictures from 2012 that received the most retweets and ‘likes’ and shares on Facebook. You […]

PHOTO – Washed up tyres at Granton Beach

Nobody knows exactly where they’ve come from, but there are still hundreds of tyres lying on Granton beach. The bizarre finding has already been reported by Greener Leith but no-one has cleaned them away as of 5th January 2013. We hope they’re disposed of properly soon. Tweet

PHOTO – Dean Cemetery in October

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to take a stroll around one of our favourite graveyards in Edinburgh, Dean Cemetery. The trees were in their autumn finery; and there was hardly another (living) soul around. It was very atmospheric – and the cemetery is a beautiful, historic and […]


FRINGE PHOTO – David Hasselhoff

Ahead of his Fringe show An Evening with David Hasselhoff – the one and only ‘Hoffmeister’ arrived in Edinburgh today by driving KITT into the Pleasance. You can find out more about The Hoff’s show and get tickets via the Pleasance website. His show runs from 21st – 27th August at 6pm. Tweet

PHOTOS – Edinburgh takes a deep breath ahead of the main Festival season

Every year at this time, we always like to imagine Edinburgh taking a deep breath. Although the city is filled with tourists and all the year-round attractions are enjoying the height of the summer season, one thing is waiting in the wings. The Fringe. Work has begun all round the city centre as venues are […]

PHOTO – Edinburgh sunset 1st July 2012

There was a gorgeous sunset in Edinburgh this evening. We managed to catch the last of it from Granton Road, overlooking the harbour. We’ve not seen one like this for a long time. Tweet

PHOTO – Edinburgh Taxi Trade Outing for Children with Special Needs

The 66th Edinburgh Taxi Trade Outing for Children with Special Needs took place today.  This outing is organised and paid for by the Organising Committee through fund-raising along with the generosity and support from residents and businesses within Edinburgh and beyond and takes over 250 people on an day out to the beach. We managed […]