patti plinko

Edinburgh Festival Insider – Music Award 2009

Each year, the Fringe and the offshoot Edge Festival provide a wide range of musical offerings to cater for every taste. From world music to avant garde; classical to techno – there’s something there for everyone. The nominations for the Edinburgh Festival Insider Music Award 2009 are: Camille O’Sullivan with The Dark Angel. A mesmerising […]

REVIEW – Dada Noir


The flyer compares Patti Plinko to Piaf, Bjork and Tom Waits and – unusually for Edinburgh Festival flyers – it’s spot on. Patti (and her Boy) perform Dada Noir, a bewitching set of dark cabaret numbers. A petite creature with 50s hair and clothes playing a ukelele, when Plinko opens her mouth to sing something […]