Oompah Brass

FRINGE – Alison’s Editor’s Award 2010

Oompah Brass I have seen many fabulous shows this year, but one show stood out for me above all the others – Oompah Brass, The A to Z of Oompah.  My pink highlighter sought out the listing as soon as I had the programme in my hands and I caught Oompah Brass  the first weekend. I fell in love […]



8-28 Aug (not 16) 1620 (1720)    @     GRV / Five Pound Fringe Oompah Brass return to the Edinburgh Fringe with their take on an amazing range of musical genres – Oompah style.   It’s impossible to leave this show without feeling good  and a smile upon your face.  The  five-piece ensemble, dressed in lederhosen, open their show with a rendition […]