New Art Club

FRINGE REVIEW – New Art Club: Quiet Act of Destruction


Tension hangs over Melwood like a cloud. The neighbouring villages of Melburn and Meldreth are on the brink of war. There will be dispute. There will be harsh words. There will be flying bread and cornflakes. Quiet Act of Destruction is the latest show from New Art Club; an inspired hour of lunatic chaos from […]

FRINGE PREVIEW: New Art Club: Quiet Act Of Destruction

Comedy dance? Experimental comedy theatre? Physical comedy experimental theatre (dance)? It’s almost impossible. Much like The Matrix, no-one can be told what New Art Club is – you have to experience them for yourself. “It’s a really hard question to answer,” admits Pete Shenton, one half of the duo. “Sometimes we are experimental; I suppose […]

FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Comedy Award 2010

How many comedians does it take to change a light bulb? None – they’re all too busy in Edinburgh. The comedy section of the Fringe programme is by far and away the largest, and the comic fare on offer ranges from the big name stand-ups packing out huge venues every evening, to the rising stars […]

FRINGE REVIEW – New Art Club – Big Bag of Boom (Assembly @ George Street)


18 – 29 August 1915-2015, Assembly @ George Street It starts, appropriately enough, with a big boom. Then, “stand-up dance” duo Tom Roden and Pete Shenton appear, earnestly explaining that we are about to be treated to a greatest hits show from their extensive ouvre of contemporary dance with a twist. Fear not, however. This […]