National Museum of Scotland

EXHIBITION – Common Cause, National Museum of Scotland

Common Cause is a new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland which examines the lives and stories of soldiers of Scottish descent who served for the Commonwealth nations during the First World War. During the Great War, men from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa enlisted in their thousands, many of whom were […]

EXHIBITION – Ming: The Golden Empire, National Museum of Scotland

Ming: The Golden Empire The latest blockbuster exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland focuses on the extraordinary period of Chinese history from the 14th to 17th centuries, where the Ming dynasty saw a flourishing of wealth and culture. Featuring several objects from the Najing Museum, Ming: The Golden Empire is a literal treasure trove […]

EXHIBITION – Mammoths of the Ice Age, National Museums of Scotland

With its collection of fascinating fossils, impressive replicas and fun hands-on exhibits, Mammoths of the Ice Age, the latest blockbuster exhibition from the National Museum of Scotland, provides a memorable journey back in time to when these mighty beasts roamed the Earth. Coming to Edinburgh from Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, the exhibition shows […]

EXHIBITION – Kabuki: Japanese Theatre Prints, National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland pulls back the curtain on some of its collection of 19th-century Japanese Kabuki theatre woodblock prints, in this colourful and fascinating new exhibition. Dramatic and unique, Kabuki was an immensely popular form of entertainment, and its all-male actors were the megastars of the time. The mass-produced woodblock prints were snapped […]

EXHIBITION – Mary, Queen of Scots – National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh Spotlight Recommended!

The fourth major show to use the National Museum of Scotland’s dedicated space and the first to feature a subject of local as well as international interest, Mary, Queen of Scots is an outstanding, insightful and at times moving exhibition. Featuring around 200 objects collated from dozens of national and private collections, it provides an […]

FEATURE – Pisces at the National Museum of Scotland / Edinburgh Science Festival

Suspended from the ceiling of the National Museum of Scotland’s Grand Gallery, Jason Hackenwerth’s leviathan art installation Pisces is visually stunning, arresting and — given that is made from over 10,000 balloons — playful. Created in situ over the course of the last week, Hackenwerth and his assistants have created a unique and ephemeral wonder […]

FEATURE – Vikings! at the National Museum of Scotland

Vikings! is the latest major exhibition to take place at the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street. Aiming to bust some of the myths surrounding the feared and fabled Norsemen, the exhibition presents over 500 objects which shine across the centuries to shed light on the real lives of this often misunderstood people. The […]

EVENT – Museum Lates: Night of the Mummy

The second of the National Museum of Scotland‘s Museum Lates events, Night of the Mummy saw the galleries of the Chambers St institution filled with the sights, sounds and smells of ancient Egypt in a fun-packed evening inspired by the current Fascinating Mummies exhibition. The 2,000 tickets were snapped up soon after they went on […]

NEWS – Fascinating Mummies at the National Museum of Scotland

Fascinating Mummies is the first exhibition to take advantage of the National Museum of Scotland’s new refurbished exhibition area, and this impressive array of Ancient Egyptian objects from the Rijkesmuseum in Leiden and the National Museum’s own collection is an excellent first use of the space. Visitors enter past an impressive sarcophagus then through a […]

26 Treasures at the National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland’s Scottish galleries provide a fascinating insight into the nation’s history all year round, with their diverse collection of Scottish objects from prehistory to the present day. Every object has a story to tell, and – from now until 29 January – you can hear twenty-six of them brought to life […]