Me! Me! Me!

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer brought his unique brand of well-mannered modern music – or Chap-Hop, as he calls it – to last year’s Fringe, where he appeared at Ministry of Burlesque’sHigh Tease. This year, he’ll be appearing alongside co-stars Desmond O’Connor and Sarah-Louise Young in Me! Me! Me!, as well as popping up in […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Sarah-Louise Young

When Sarah-Louise Young first came to the Edinburgh Fringe 13 years ago, it had a major impact on her. “It blew my mind,” she says. “I came here as a student and I was immediately hooked by the whole thing. And I ran up a huge amount of credit seeing all the shows I wanted […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – Desmond O’Connor (Vive Le Cabaret & Me! Me! Me!)

“I suppose you could call me a Fringe veteran,” says Desmond O’Connor, smiling as he recalls his first appearances in Edinburgh 21 years ago. “Or maybe an antique,” says Julie-ann, his co-producer on last year’s hit cabaret shows Desmorphia and High Tease. Whether veteran or antique, Desmond does however scrub up well: with a bit […]