Mary King’s Close

FEATURE – A visit to The Real Mary King’s Close with a psychic medium

It starts even before we go underground. “There’s an energy here. Someone who’s really anxious and afraid – people were tried here and sentenced to horrible punishments. They were only really just trying to survive.” I’m here with J, a psychic medium. She’s a clairsentient – who, unlike clairvoyants and clairaudients – doesn’t see or […]

REVIEW – Mary King’s Close, children’s visit


Edinburgh has many visitor attractions to choose from and one all-weather choice is to the Real Mary King’s Close.  Two mini-Spotlight members paid a visit to Mary King’s Close last week.  The minimum age to visit is 5 and child’s admission is £6.   Both of them had a great time and we’ve translated what they […]

FEATURE – Edinburgh International Magic Festival seance at Mary King’s Close

It’s a kind of magic The last time we visited Edinburgh’s fascinating Mary King’s Close, we were in the company of paranormal investigators and psychic mediums. Last night, we were accompanied by mind readers and magicians, as part of the launch of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival. So, were the magicians able to conjure up […]

EVENT – Tales of Ghosts Past at Lauriston Castle

The sound of heavy footsteps on an empty stair, the rustling of an invisible silk skirt and a shadowy figure disappearing through a castle wall: all these strange events and happenings have been reported by staff and visitors at Edinburgh’s Lauriston Castle over the years. A beautifully-preserved Edwardian mansion built around a 16th century tower […]

FEATURE – Ghost hunt at Mary King’s Close

Edinburgh most haunted As we enter the cold, dark room many feet beneath Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, someone lets out a startled scream and we all jump. Fortunately, it’s only one of our companions who’s walked into a chair in the pitch darkness – however, the atmosphere in the dusty confines of a small chamber in […]

EVENT – Mary King’s Ghost Fest 2010

Mary King’s Ghost Fest 2010 Mary King’s Ghost Fest will run from Thursday 18 to Tuesday 23 March 2010 and will include favourites like celebrity-lead ghost hunts, events using technical equipment such as the ever popular electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), as well as unique paranormal explorations that have never before taken place. Lisa Robshaw, Ghost […]