Marion Shortt

FRINGE REVIEW – The Pantry Shelf (Sweet Grassmarket)


August 25 – 30 1245 – 1340, Sweet Grassmarket When they first appear on stage, you would be forgiven for thinking the characters dressed in gigantic food costumes are about to perform a slapstick sketch show or take part in some reenactment of It’s A Knockout. Peel back the outer layers of packaging on Team […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – The Pantry Shelf

5th-30th August 12.45-1.40pm, Sweet Grassmarket There is one play at the Fringe this year which dares to provide an answer to that age-old question which has puzzled scholars, philosophers – and chefs – throughout the ages… Can porridge fall in love? The Pantry Shelf at the Sweet Grassmarket flings opens the door on the hidden […]

REVIEW – In Transit by the Actors Kitchen


If you’ve ever spent time in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, you may have passed the time wondering about your fellow travellers and what their stories are. What are that irate couple sitting opposite arguing about? Are those two over there just good friends or something more? And why is that woman at […]