March Her To Norway

INTERVIEW – March Her To Norway

Slightly damp and bedraggled after an outdoor photoshoot in typically Scottish summer weather, March Her To Norway sit back in the relative comfort of a coffee shop and talk about their music and their plans. “Above all, we’re about having fun and playing live,” says vocalist and guitarist Andy. “And not sounding cheesy.” “We play […]

REVIEW – CD Quality at Henry’s Cellar Bar, 28 May (Bainbridge Presents)

Nirvana, post-Richey Manics, Therapy, Rod, Jane & Freddy – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is crammed with bands who make more noise than three people have a right to. It’s appropriate then that 3/4 of the bands at tonight’s CD Quality gig are three-pieces, proving that Edinburgh’s got its fair share of rock […]