REVIEW: One Elliot Park, Siege Perilous


Obsession, compulsion and disorder are all on display beyond the doors of One Elliot Park, which the residents return to one weekend to find mysteriously left wide open. And in Siege Perilous’ claustrophobic and tense production of Edinburgh playwright Lindsay Miller’s psychological thriller, it is more than just the doors which are ajar. Young loner […]

REVIEW – Standing Stanes, Siege Perilous


Caught amidst the conflicts of the 1980s Cold War and his own personal relationships, dreamer Craig (Matt Robertson) has a vision: to build a monument of modern-day megaliths to rival Stonehenge on a patch of disused land near Dundee. Used to his schemes and deals, long-suffering fiancee Kim (LaVerne Hawthorne) is at first sceptical. Then, […]