Linlithgow Palace

Spectacular Jousting at Linlithgow Palace

One of the most colourful banners in Historic Scotland’s array of summer events, Spectacular Jousting at Linlithgow Palace was a thrilling and fun display of horsemanship, bravery and performance. Set on the historic Peel in the shadow of the majestic Linlithgow Palace, the event had a carnival-like atmosphere as the sun shone down on the […]

DAYTRIP – A walk around Linlithgow Peel (loch)

We’ve been taking advantage of the lovely Spring weather recently and ventured outside Edinburgh earlier this week to take a lovely stroll around Linlithgow Loch.  The real name of this area is Linlithgow Peel, but people often refer to it as the loch and it’s also where Linlithgow Palace is situated. There are plenty of information boards […]