Les Enfants Terribles

FRINGE REVIEW – The Trench, Pleasance


The Great War has been used as a metaphor for futility and sacrifice many times, but seldom with as powerful and mythic a poignancy as in Les Enfants Terribles’ The Trench. Bert (Oliver Lansley) serves beneath the front, inching towards enemy lines as he digs out tunnels below the carnage raging above. Befriending young recruit […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Terrible Infants (Pleasance Grand)


August 27 – 30 1400-1510, Pleasance Grand You’re in for a rather delicious treat. Just be careful you don’t gorge too heavily on the feast which The Terrible Infants lay out, or you could end up like Tumb – the boy who ate his mum. This and many other wonderfully grotesque characters are brought to […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Vaudevillains (Pleasance Palm Court)


The atmosphere before The Vaudevillains, Les Enfants Terribles’ one-off show at the Pleasance Dome, was more like being at a rock concert than a theatrical production. After presenting much-loved and critically-acclaimed shows such as The Terrible Infants and Ernest & The Pale Moon at previous Fringes, it is easy to understand the devotion from those […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – James Seager of Les Enfants Terribles

Deliciously dark. Gloriously grotesque. Consistently captivating: Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company‘s productions encourage such praise with their original style and wonderfully twisted tales. We caught up with producer James Seager as he prepared to bring his Terrible Infants back to the Fringe for more surreal, musical and – in some cases – macabre adventures. “We’re […]