Julien Cottereau

FRINGE REVIEW – Julien Cottereau: Imagine-toi (Assembly)


After two or three minutes, you’ll find yourself believing Julien Cottereau really does have an invisible squeaky ball; that he is joined on stage by a dog only he can see; and that all the sounds we can hear are coming from these and other imaginary objects – and not from this childishly charming and […]

FRINGE PHOTO – Carrousel: Assembly in Princes St Gardens

We’ve been watching the progress of this brand new Fringe venue being built with interest. Now it looks almost complete. Part of the Assembly family of venues, this one plays host to a wide variety of cabaret-oriented acts, including Meow Meow, Julien Cottereau and the pop club night Guilty Pleasures. You can see all that’s […]