In Transit

INTERVIEW – Adrienne Zitt of Actors Kitchen

After returning to Edinburgh from the competitive scene in London, French-born actress Adrienne Zitt was keen to explore opportunities for keeping her skills sharp. Taking the initiative after discovering there were few ways for like-minded individuals to collaborate, she founded Actors Kitchen, a collective for professional actors to come together and practice. “I put a […]

REVIEW – In Transit by the Actors Kitchen


If you’ve ever spent time in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, you may have passed the time wondering about your fellow travellers and what their stories are. What are that irate couple sitting opposite arguing about? Are those two over there just good friends or something more? And why is that woman at […]

PREVIEW – In Transit by Actors Kitchen, 17-21 November

Actors Kitchen are an Edinburgh-based acting collective who regularly meet to work together, practice and keep their creative skills honed. Their first production – In Transit – opens next week. Representative of Actors Kitchen collective nature, In Transit is the product of five writers and features nine actors playing twenty-four parts in a sequence of […]