Hayley-Jane Doyle

FRINGE REVIEW – Four For Jericho


By Hayley-Jane Doyle A stunning whirl wind of comedy, politics and physical theatre, Four For Jericho is a provoking and entertaining delight. The play opens and closes with narrators addressing the audience and making the performance feel intimate and safe. They delicately invite you in to engage and ponder all issues highlighted by the show, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – A World Without Words


By Hayley-Jane Doyle A World Without Word’s exploration of an intense and exposed relationship, where each emotion is pushed to almost unimaginable heights, is utterly slick and captivating. A blonde’s deliciously sexy performance opens the show, setting an extremely high benchmark for stage presence. This charm, immediately established, is constantly building throughout, where each and […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Hot Mikado


By Hayley-Jane Doyle Before settling into your seat, be prepared to be dazzled by a bizarre and shocking whirlwind of a weird and wonderful world. Following a slightly shaky opening, with some off timing and precarious accents, the cast of Hot Mikado grabbed their show with open arms and a firm and unyielding grasp. Their […]