PREVIEW – The 10:04s – Liquid Rooms, 11 June

If Edinburgh can be said to have an indie scene, then The 10:04s are right up there at the front of it flying the flag. Generating a large amount of interest in the city – and beyond – with their energetic and dynamic post-Libertines sound, the band have a live presence and attitude which increases […]

PREVIEW – The Nature Boys, Cabaret Voltaire, 3 June

One of our favourite bands here at Edinburgh Spotlight is The Nature Boys, featuring our good friend and charity athlete extraordinaire Mark Cooper on guitar. Mark – together with bandmates Andy, Ben and Cammy – adopts quite a different guise when playing with The Nature Boys. Like feral children raised on scraps of Iggy Pop […]

REVIEW – Battle of the Bands, Maggies Chambers

Battle of the Bands competitions can have a bad reputation. Too often, they are a cynical way to get punters through the door (and spending money) whilst the hapless bands involved end up being selected by judges who’ve spent the entire gig in the green room consuming the rider, all for the chance of winning […]

REVIEW – Blaize Launch Party, The Bongo Club, 5th June

BLAIZE is a new entry on Edinburgh’s live music scene and is a student-friendly event run by enthusiastic (and hard to spell) promoter Rurigdh. He wants BLAIZE to be synonymous with being “loud, energetic and awesome”, and on the strength of this – the launch gig at The Bongo Club – he might just have […]

REVIEW – The Law, Cabaret Voltaire, 8th May (We Luv Musik)

Singer Stuart Purvey finishes another massive crowdpleasing number and wipes the sweat-drenched hair from his face. Drummer Martin Donald kicks out a thudding beat and a chant of ‘ooh ah up The Law’ fills Cabaret Voltaire, taken up by travelling supporters from their Dundee hometown and local punters alike. Yep, The Law are in town […]