Fronteiras Theatre Lab

FEATURE – Fronteiras Explorers

Established in 2011, Fronteiras Theatre Lab was set up to explore the boundaries — and the relationships — between cultures and identities through the medium of performance. Founded in Edinburgh by Flavia D’Avila, Fronteiras quickly made their mark, with performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe showcasing an impressive offering of thought-provoking and insightful new writing. […]

REVIEW – Theatre Tasters, Fronteiras Theatre Lab – Free Festival


Presented as a ‘three course meal’ of short new writing pieces, Theatre Tasters is an appetising and hearty debut from new Edinburgh-based company Fronteiras Theatre Lab. Bringing together writers, performers and crew from seven countries, Fronteiras focus on cross-cultural collaboration, thus ensuring their theatrical spread has subtle seasoning from across the globe. The three darkly […]

Fronteiras Theatre Lab – Theatre Tasters Fringe launch

This year at the Fringe, we’ll be focusing a lot on Edinburgh-based theatre companies, performers and producers bringing some homegrown talent to the world’s largest arts festival in August. One of these is the Fronteiras Theatre Lab, an organisation established to showcase the best in international theatre and writing based in the city. This year, […]