When Lady Carol first stepped into the light of Paul Byrne’s Fullmooners show in Edinburgh seven years ago, she had never really performed in public before. However, it wasn’t long before her rich, distinctive singing voice and endearingly self-effacing stage presence made others sit up and take notice, leading to solo shows and performances as […]

FRINGE REVIEW – India Flamenco


The evolution of flamenco is traced from its Indian roots in visually sensual fashion in this alluring ensemble piece from Alba Flamenco. An almost unnecessary soundtrack relates the tale of the nomadic gypsy people, searching the world for the lost shards of their magic mirror. The story is far better told by an excellent trio […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Christine Bovill’s Piaf


With its polished wood and mirrored walls, The Famous Spiegeltent does a good job of convincing us we’re back in mid 20th-century Paris. But with only the power of her remarkable voice, Christine Bovill does an utterly convincing job of making us believe its stage is inhabited by none other than Edith Piaf. Reprising her […]

FRINGE REVIEW – East End Cabaret: Dirty Talk


East End Cabaret have quickly rocketed to position as daaahlings of the UK cabaret scene with their unique and frequently hilarious double-act. This year they return with another hour of filthy chat and dirty songs, and the faithful will lap up Bernie & Victy’s latest escapades with relish. However, latecomers to the East End party […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Micheline Sings Brel


In this frequently mesmerising performance, the Famous Spiegeltent becomes a mirrored summoning chamber in which Belgian singer Micheline Van Hautem calls forth the willing spirit of her fellow countryman Jacques Brel. Accompanied by musician Bert Verschueren, she takes a varied selection of Brel classics and breathes new life into them. And from a jaunty & […]

FRINGE REVIEW – New Art Club: Feel About Your Body


Doing exactly what it says on the tin, within five minutes of New Art Club‘s new show we are on our feet and feeling about our bodies. Then, not long after, we are gawping at theirs. Tom and Pete always leap chaotically between comedy, physical theatre and dance. This year, they have landed more firmly […]



Though it may lean towards the more genteel side of the cabaret section, Melinda Hughes nevertheless presents an enjoyably frothy 50 minutes of musical wit and satire in French Kiss. Backed by an accomplished trio of musicians on keys, double bass and drums, Melinda and her songs about treble-dip recessions and holiday hotspots from hell […]

FRINGE REVIEW – The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – In Space


Although they have always had their knitted feet firmly planted on the ground, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre have long had their little googly eyes set firmly on the stars. Previous Sock Puppets shows have been knee-deep with pop culture references. By focusing on sci-fi this time around, they are almost at risk of […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Lysistrata: The Disco Vaudeville Rock’n’Roll Musical


By Veronika Kallus Ancient Greece meets the modern world in this classical tale of men and women, of war and peace. Men go to war, and will keep going, women stay at home, longing for their husbands and fearing for their sons. Will they keep putting up with it? Not if Lysistrata gets her way. […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Lady Carol Betwixt & Between


Lady Carol is a living contradiction. When she walks on stage in a sleek dress with a bejeweled hood covering her blonde hair, she resembles a meek and mild fairytale princess rather than a first-class musical artiste. When she sits upon her stool, picks up her ukulele and sings however, she is transformed. With a […]