PHOTOS – Edinburgh’s Festivals, summer 2014

  We love all of the festivals that take place throughout the year in Edinburgh, but especially the summer ones. Here’s a collection of photos from summer 2014. The most recent photo is at the top. Pop up lounge to relax in outside the White Stuff on George Street You have reached the last photo. […]

Street entertainment on the Royal Mile

FRINGE PREVIEW – Danny Bhoy, 12 Nights, 12 Charities

Danny Bhoy returns to the Edinburgh Fringe to raise money for local charities We do love comedy at the Fringe and were delighted to hear that Danny Bhoy is returning to perform this year. He’s back for a 12 night run at the Assembly Rooms in 12 Nights 12 Charities. Exactly as the title of […]

Edinburgh Fringe 2014



– Rachel is in a relationship. – Sophie likes this. – Jack was tagged in Sophie’s photo. – Rachel has changed her relationship status to “it’s complicated”. Drunken nights, casual sex and pre-exam stress. The exploits of the five students in Timeline are nothing new. However, based on real-life updates from Facebook, this verbatim piece […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Gamarjobat Rock Out


After too long an absence, Fringe favourites Gamarjobat are back with another madcap hour of physical mayhem, mime and borderline insanity. A pair of besuited Japanese clowns with mohicans, Gamarjobat’s brand of fun is so infectious it should come with a health warning. Immediately winning over the audience with their blend of physical tomfoolery and […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Paper Cinema’s Odyssey


An epic tale of gods, titans and heroes, laden with blistering action, special effects and spectacular locations…all made out of tiny pieces of cardboard? And so Paper Cinema create movie magic with Odyssey, an intricate spell woven from two-dimensional puppetry, video projection and a dynamic and creative live soundtrack. All the while, the executors of […]



Illuminated frames provide polaroid snapshots of a lonely woman’s memories. From her own childhood to the moment her parents first met, these frozen moments are brought to life by Gecko Theatre’s Missing, in a captivating and artistic interpretation of physical theatre in its purest form. Using puppetry, dance and mime, the performers assemble the jigsaw […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Trash Cuisine


Captured, blinded, force-fed then drowned. The fate of the ortolan, a songbird long revered as a gastronomic delicacy, is a compact example of humanity’s capacity for cruelty in pursuit of a perceived higher goal. It is fitting then that a reenactment of its consumption features in Trash Cuisine, Belarus Free Theatre’s hard-hitting and harrowing ‘cook’s […]



Set in and below the trenches of the ‘war to end all wars’, Les Enfants Terribles’ multi-sensory fable is a masterpiece of theatrical storytelling which shows that, no matter how deeply buried, the redemptive light of the human spirit can never be extinguished. Returning after last year’s critically-acclaimed Fringe debut, The Trench tells the tale […]

FRINGE REVIEW – I’m With The Band


Guitar-based band The Union have been together for ages. Then, struck by financial crisis, relationships start to break down. When Scottish guitarist Barry decides to go his own way, can The Union survive with only the self-obssessed English frontman, indecisive Welsh bassist and volatile Irish drummer? Maybe songs like The Referendum and We’re All In […]



On the night before her wedding, a young woman keeps the spirits of her mother and faithful maidservants high by telling them one their favourite fairytales — a story of heaven-matched love, betrayal and tragedy: A Romance. Modl Theatre have created a gentle and original take on storytelling here. Dressed in traditional costume, the almost […]