Edinburgh International Festival

PHOTOS – The Edinburgh International Festival Fireworks Concert 2014

Tonight saw another spectacular concert and fireworks display take place to mark the end of the 2014 Edinburgh International Festival. Over 4 tonnes of explosives and 400,000 fireworks choreographed to live orchestral music lit up the sky against the iconic backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, in what is the largest annual fireworks concert in the world. […]

The 2014 Edinburgh International Fireworks

FEATURE – The 2014 Edinburgh International Festival

Today, at a press conference in Edinburgh, Director Jonathan Mills revealed the artists, companies and work from around the world which will fill the stages of Edinburgh’s annual cultural celebration. Over 2,400 artists from 43 nations have been invited to Edinburgh to perform in the annual showcase of the world’s great performing artists. Jonathan Mills, […]

2014 Programme

EIF REVIEW – American Lulu


Lulu is bold and amoral, her character proud and unflinching through the events of 50s, 60s and 70s America, where Scottish Opera and The Opera Group’s Amercian Lulu is set. Siren-like, she bewitches then toys with the men (and women) who sail too close to her spell, before her past ultimately catches up with her […]

EIF REVIEW – Don Quichotte du Trocadéro


The hero in José Montalvo’s fun and frivolous Don Quichotte du Trocadéro doesn’t so much tilt at windmills, as shake his naked belly at them. Montalvo’s ensemble piece takes loose themes from Cervantes’ source and blends them into a comic dance burlesque, where Patric Thibaud’s Don Quichotte wanders through a dreamlike world modelled on the […]



Before trying to sleep in the single bed in his shabby apartment, elderly Joe checks behind windows and doors for monsters — forgetting that there is one from which he can never escape. Eh Joe is Dublin Gate Theatre’s astonishing adaptation of Beckett’s first TV play, featuring a fearsomely gripping performance from Michael Gambon as […]

EIF REVIEW – The Tragedy of Coriolanus


The opening moments of Beijing People’s Art Theatre’s production of The Tragedy of Coriolanus are monumental. The understandably stripped-back stage is filled with an angry mob of around forty stick-rattling citizens whilst Chinese death metal band Suffocated storm out and piledrive into a short, sharp shock of sound. Had this admittedly epic production continued in […]

EIF REVIEW – Leaving Planet Earth


As we pass by Edinburgh Airport, a plane takes off, beginning its ascent to some distant destination. But we are going much further than that. For we, onboard a galactic jump ship merely disguised as an air-conditioned coach, are New Earth bound. An instructional video has helped ease us, with promise of a new beginning; […]

EIF REVIEW – The Poet Speaks


“Hi!” Patti Smith gives the large projected photo of old friend Allen Ginsberg a cheerful yet poignant wave. Then, turning to face the Playhouse’s capacity audience, she rockets herself into an astonishing and incendiary reading of Footnote To Howl, accompanied by the relentless smoulder of Philip Glass’s piano. Animated as if the poem’s words themselves […]

EIF REVIEW: La Belle et la Bête, Philip Glass Ensemble


By removing the soundtrack to Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film version of La Belle et la Bête, Philip Glass transforms an already whimsical piece into a delightful and intoxicating combination of cinema and opera. The musicans are arranged beneath the silver screen, which flickers into life to give way to Cocteau’s unique fairytale vision. A live […]

EIF REVIEW – Metamorphosis


Inspired by Kafka’s tale, Contemporary Legend Theatre’s Wu Hsing-kuo presents a singular and striking vision of Gregor’s insectoid transformation: and in the process flips over the very concept of existence to examine the scuttling legs beneath. Metamorphosis is a remarkable achievement. Not solely for being an intense one-man production, but for the layers of sensory […]