Edinburgh International Book Festival

FESTIVAL – Edinburgh International Book Festival, 9-25 August 2014

‘Let’s Talk’ Edinburgh’s 2014 International Book Festival Whether it’s exploring the disappearing art of letter writing and the power of the spoken word, or listening to those who hear inner voices or participating in a series of dialogues on the future of Scotland, the Edinburgh International Book Festival examines all aspects of communication this summer.  […]

Festival 2014

BOOK FESTIVAL – Margaret Atwood & Neil Gaiman

“This is where it ends,” says Neil Gaiman, taking to the stage with Margaret Atwood on the last evening of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. As guest selectors, tonight marks the last of their many individual appearances over the course of the festival, covering not only their inimitable bodies of work, but also their influences […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Horror & Weirdness, A Scottish Peculiarity

“Is it because half of the year it’s very dark?” asks Margaret Atwood, wondering what it is about Scotland which seems to draw its writers to the sinister and supernatural. “With nothing but whisky,” replies Ian Rankin, whose own novels may not have strong supernatural elements, but certainly still take a walk on the dark […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Neil Gaiman – Sandman

Neil Gaiman is relieved. After being on tour for several months, the one topic he’s not been asked about so far is Sandman. Tonight of course, that all changes. Fellow graphic novelist Hannah Berry chairs an event where Gaiman’s groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed work is well and truly in the spotlight. When seeing the name of […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Writing Under The Influence

“You’ve just been curated!” So says Margaret Atwood to Granta Best Young British Novelist Naomi Alderman and multi-award winning Valerie Martin, as host of Writing Under The Influence, one of several events she is chairing at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival. Focusing on topics and influences considered outwith the mainstream, the event proves to […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – A Celebration of Iain Banks

Tonight, everyone in the packed main tent of the Edinburgh International Book Festival felt like a friend of the late Iain Banks — whether they’d met him or not. This was thanks to a moving, poignant but above all hugely enjoyable event, where Brian Taylor chaired Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Ken MacLeod — there […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Bryan Talbot & Mary Talbot

As a respected and published academic, Mary Talbot is now — as she puts it — “slumming it” with her husband, legendary British comics creator Bryan Talbot. It’s fortunate then that their first collaboration — The Dotter Of Her Fathers Eyes, a beautiful and literary work which weaves Mary’s memories of her own father with […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Margaret Atwood – The Blind Assassin

Margaret Atwood has journeyed to Edinburgh by sea, thus avoiding the risk of jet lag. But it’s much more than that which explains her sharpness of mind and wit in this sell-out event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Guardian Books critic John Mullan sets out the rules of this ‘book club’ event (“I’m assuming […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Lauren Beukes and Mikhail Shishkin

With books which play with the nature of time to allow their themes to emerge, South African novelist Lauren Beukes and Russian writer Mikhail Shishkin discussed the power of language in this fascinating event chaired by novelist and critic Peter Guttridge. Beukes’ The Shining Girls is a startling tale of a time-travelling serial killer, whilst […]

BOOK FESTIVAL – Publishing in a Digital World

Bringing together a trio of publishers who are all exploring the opportunities of new technology, this industry event chaired by Padmini Ray Murray was also opened to members of the public. Mark Buckland from Cargo Publishing spoke of how his house are involved with leading tech companies to push the boundaries of what constitutes a […]