Dundas St Gallery

FEATURE – Glistening Light by Jamie Primrose, Dundas Street Gallery

Edinburgh artist Jamie Primrose is renowned for his dramatic and atmospheric oils of the city in which he lives, depicting expansive skies and the interplay of light on familiar scenes such as Inverleith Park, The Botanics and the Water of Leith. Glistening Light shines further afield however, realising a two-year vision of Primrose’s to record […]

ART: Transient Skies by Jamie Primrose, Dundas St Gallery

Since returning to his Edinburgh home almost ten years ago, Jamie Primrose has demonstrated a consistent and skillful knack of depicting the city at its best. Specialising in broad expansive skies above silhouetted skylines, Primrose highlights the austere beauty of Edinburgh, shining light on the natural features in its midst. Transient Skies is his latest […]

PREVIEW – Serene Impressions by Jamie Primrose

Light-heartedly referring to Serene Impressions as the third in his ‘Edinburgh trilogy’ this year, Jamie Primrose is once again exhibiting in Dundas St Gallery, with a collection of paintings featuring the city’s waterways. From autumn light filtering through the trees by the Water of Leith; to the icy reflections on a frozen Union Canal: Primrose […]

FEATURE – Evolving Moods by Jamie Primrose

Brooding long shadows and sweeping skies feature heavily in Evolving Moods, the latest exhibition at the Dundas St Gallery from prolific Edinburgh artist Jamie Primrose. Featuring a selction of oils on board, canavas and linen, the pieces depict familar Edinburgh haunts and vistas: the Meadows under a blanket of blue and white textured snow; faint […]

REVIEW – Auld Reekie, Jamie Primrose, Dundas St Gallery

Those who have viewed Jamie Primrose’s work before would be forgiven for expecting to be met by glowing colours and blended oil skies when they descend the steps of the Dundas St Gallery to view Auld Reekie – A Timeless journey through Edinburgh, his latest exhibition. Instead, they will be met with the striking sight […]

REVIEW – Luminous Skies by Jamie Primrose, Dundas St Gallery

Luminous Skies is Edinburgh-based contemporary artist Jamie Primrose’s last exhibition of 2011 before he concentrates on building up his body of work for next year. Here, he fills Dundas St Gallery with a shimmering collection of Scottish seascapes, each piece emphasising the beauty and majesty of the sky as it reflects on water or wet […]