FRINGE PREVIEW: Dave Fulton – Based on a True Story

Dave Fulton is bringing his show Based on a True Story to Edinburgh this August. We’ve taken a sneak peak into his ‘diary’ to see how he’s feeling about performing in a week’s time. Fringe thoughts by Dave Fulton: For some, looking at the commitment of performing for a full month at the Edinburgh Fringe […]

REVIEW – The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church, Daniel Kitson (Traverse)


The Interminable Suicide Of Gregory Church sees a welcome return to The Traverse from Daniel Kitson, the Perrier Award winning standup who first performed this charming and insightful monologue at 2009’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With typically self-effacing manner, Kitson is alone on the stage as he recounts the fictional tale of piecing together the fragments […]

FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Comedy Award 2010

How many comedians does it take to change a light bulb? None – they’re all too busy in Edinburgh. The comedy section of the Fringe programme is by far and away the largest, and the comic fare on offer ranges from the big name stand-ups packing out huge venues every evening, to the rising stars […]


“It was just a throwaway line! I used it because there was a close mate in the audience who was vegan – it got a good reaction, so I kept it in the show.” The young Australian comedienne’s referring to one tiny gag (“Some of my best friends are vegan. They were going to come […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Two Episodes of MASH (Pleasance Dome)


24 – 29 August 1420-1520, Pleasance Dome When Joe Wilkinson holds up a placard heralding the arrival of ‘sketch #9’ ten minutes into Two Episodes of MASH’s show, you realise you’re in for another 50 minutes of fast-paced, well-played comedy from him and his co-star Diane Morgan. With a heavy emphasis on absurd and awkward […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Sammy J: Skinny Man, Modern World (Underbelly)

5th – 29th August (not the 16th) 9.50-10.50pm, Underbelly Award-winning Australian comedian Sammy J was a smash hit at 2008’s Fringe with ‘Sammy J And The Forest Of Dreams’, an adult musical puppet extravaganza co-developed with puppeteer Heath McIvor. This year, he is back with Skinny Man, Modern World, a new hour-long solo show packed […]

FRINGE INTERVIEW – The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets

Hands up everyone who’s ever pulled a sock over their hand and made a puppet out of it…? That’s about all of you then. Now, keep them up if you’ve then pulled another sock over your other hand, and gone on to use them to create a hilariously funny and clever comedy show filled with […]