Chiara Pannozzo

REVIEW – The Pantry, Stockbridge

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A great addition to the Stockbridge dining choices By Chiara Pannozzo, our senior food reviewer who also blogs at Wine and Olives New eateries come onto the Edinburgh food scene regularly. Some get a better reception than others, and in the case of The Pantry, I would like to extend only the warmest of welcomes. To open […]

REVIEW – The Blackbird


By Chiara Pannozzo It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of Treacle. In fact, when my monthly bank statement lands on the doormat (I’m one of those retro people who still receives mail), the transactions headed for the Treacle bank account far outweigh any of my other outgoings. Such is my relationship with Treacle, and at […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Sink or Spin


By Chiara Pannozzo The only time that laughing feels mildly like a workout is when you are catapulted into a state of giggles that’s so fierce that your ribs begin to hurt. The Sink or Spin performance presented a very different mode of keeping fit, taught by a very unique instructor, Clement (Donal Coonan), a […]

REVIEW – Cafe Fish, Stockbridge


By Chiara Pannozzo The recent run of glorious weekend weather inspired a new mission, one which unfortunately did not come into fruition. Apparently, getting a table outside Cafe Fish in Stockbridge on a Saturday afternoon is comparable to finding a needle in the proverbial hay stack. Since this was my second failed attempt to enjoy […]

REVIEW – Amarone, St Andrew Square


By Chiarra Pannozzo Seeing Scotland bathed in sunshine is rare. When this happens, I always feel overcome by the urge to spend every waking moment enjoying it. Part of this experience always involves eating out at any establishment with outdoor seating. We couldn’t believe our luck when passing Amarone on George Street to find a […]

REVIEW – It’s All In The Mind, Colin McLeod, Edinburgh Magic Festival


By Chiara Pannozzo “I’m a Mentalist!” Words said with confidence as Colin McLeod took a captivated audience through his spectacular show, ‘It’s All in the Mind’ at the Camera Obscura tonight. With a venue entirely fitting for this particular spectacle, the audience recoiled a little as Colin’s use of the word ‘mentalist’ has negative associations […]

REVIEW – Doors Close, They Never Lock


By Chiara Pannozzo Friendship can be a funny old thing. The people we invite into our lives have the potential to inflict an array of emotions upon us, and challenge how we once perceived things. This theme formed the basis  of Michael Shand’s latest production ‘Doors Close, They Never Lock’, which premiered tonight as part […]

REVIEW – The Circle Cafe, Canonmills


By Chiara Pannozzo Having been a resident of Canonmills for nearly three years now, I can remember the numerous factors supporting my decision to finally grow up, sign on the dotted line, and jump on the proverbial property ladder. One of the draws to living in this area were the number of coffee shops and […]

REVIEW – Treacle, Broughton Street


Treacle Bar and Kitchen, Broughton Street  By Chiarra Panozzo  It seems that some people get everything right. In the case of the good folks that brought us Hamilton’s in Stockbridge, it comes in the form of Treacle. Situated at the top of Edinburgh’s fashionable Broughton Street, Treacle has become a firm favourite with locals, lured […]

REVIEW – Mamma’s American Pizza Co, Grassmarket


Mamma’s American Pizza Co Traditional American Pizza is hard to come by in Edinburgh, a city that is swamped with thin based Italian inspired alternatives. But rather than call off the search, I stumbled across an establishment whose moto ‘May yer dough be ever crispy’, tickled my taste buds. Mamma’s restaurant in the Grassmarket area […]