Casino Queen

REVIEW – Fresh Promotional Video Gig, Maggie’s Chamber, 14 Nov

Fresh are one of the city’s newest music promotion outfits, aiming to give the best of Scotland’s music a platform to play – and taking no cut in ticket sales in the proceeds. They’re in it for the music, in other words. Tonight was billed as a ‘video promotion’ gig, meaning the entire night was […]

INTERVIEW – Casino Queen

“Loud, dark and noisy.” That’s Stewart’s response when asked to sum up Casino Queen in three words. Stewart and Connor have been together for two years, playing their unique mix of noised-up blues-tinged rock. “We don’t see ourselves as part of any scene,” says Stewart. “We do this for ourselves.” Connor nods. He’s quiet during […]

INTERVIEW – Scrap Brain

Myke, Stew and Angie firmly believe their diverse tastes are what make Scrap Brain work. “I guess the stuff I like could be called a bit mainstream,” says band frontwoman Angie, namechecking The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills and PJ Harvey. “Where these guys,” she says, pointing to guitarist & keyboard player Myke and drummer […]