FRINGE REVIEW – Camille O’Sullivan: Changeling, Assembly Rooms


If Camille O’Sullivan is the Queen of the Fringe, then her short run at the Assembly Rooms this year feels like a State Visit. Performers who can fill the newly-refurbished Music Hall are few and far between. Camille manages this not only with the sell-out crowd for tonight’s opening of her run, but also with […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Camille O’Sullivan: Feel

“It’s a mix of madness!” If the Fringe has a royal family, then Camille O’Sullivan is its queen. With a long list of five-star reviews and shows which pack in the crowds and build on the successes of the year before, a Fringe without an appearance from this Irish singer would feel strange indeed. “I […]

FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award 2010

This year’s Fringe had a fantastic selection of musical acts, ranging from rock, soul and pop, through to some exotic and exciting world & traditional music. Choosing three proved to be a difficult task indeed – and we therefore would like to give honourable mentions to Something Relevant from Mumbai, Ariul from South Korea and […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Camille O’Sullivan – Chameleon (Assembly @ George Street)


12 – 30 Aug (not 17 or 24) 2225-2335, Assembly George Street  If the Fringe ever decides to have an anthem, it should be sung by Camille O’Sullivan.  Now a much-anticipated and adored regular in Edinburgh, this year she returns with a new show in Chameleon, a collection of new songs which run the full […]

FRINGE PREVIEW – Camille O’Sullivan: Chameleon (Assembly George St)

5- 30 Aug (not 10, 11, 17) 2225-2335, Assembly George Street Ballroom If raw emotion has a voice, then it is surely Camille O’Sullivan’s. For the past few years, Camille has bewitched Edinburgh audiences with her intoxicating take on the songs of Brel, Bowie, Cave and others; breathing seductive life into the characters she sings […]

Edinburgh Festival Insider – Music Award 2009

Each year, the Fringe and the offshoot Edge Festival provide a wide range of musical offerings to cater for every taste. From world music to avant garde; classical to techno – there’s something there for everyone. The nominations for the Edinburgh Festival Insider Music Award 2009 are: Camille O’Sullivan with The Dark Angel. A mesmerising […]

REVIEW – Camille O’Sullivan, The Dark Angel


Camille O’Sullivan has magic powers. How else can you explain the fact that she is so totally possessed by the spirit of each song she performs? Whether it’s the damaged and regretful daughter of “Look Mummy, No Hands”, the destructive self-hate boiling inside of the protagonist of “Hurt” or even the no-holds-barred good-time girl asking, […]

REVIEW – Camille, The Dark Angel


I’d give this 6 stars if I could. Wait a minute, this is my own blog, I can do what the hell I like. 6 stars then for Camille, a show I’ve been looking forward to since booking it several weeks ago. Camille O’Sullivan is a stunningly emotional and vivacious Irish/French singer, in the style […]