FRINGE REVIEW – The Hand-Me-Down People, C Nova


A collection of toys live a meager existence on a dusty shelf, forgotten and ignored by the children who used to love them. With personalities created by the stories their owners devised for them, the figurines try to come to terms with their fate: re-enacting and clinging to their tales, whist the precipice of the […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Shakespeare‘s Mothers, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know


5-21 Aug (not 16) 1315 (1405) @ C central, North Bridge By Danielle Farrow In this gallop through many of Shakespeare’s finest scenes driven by strong, passionate and yes, bad and mad, women, the Bard himself sets the spurs to this supposed examination of how such females might be influencing violence committed by women nowadays. […]

FRINGE REVIEW – My Dearest Byron, C


6-30 Aug (not 13-22), 2035 (2150) @ C Venues Lord Byron was famously “mad, bad and dangerous to know” – as exemplified by his notorious affair with his half-sister, the subject of this play. But he is also a larger than life character who takes a great deal of confidence and charisma to portray. Luckily […]