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FRINGE – Best Venue Award 2010

With nearly 400 venues ranging from tiny spaces in the back rooms of pubs to huge auditoriums capable of seating hundreds of people, it sometimes seems as though everywhere in Edinburgh is turned into a Fringe venue in August. Some in particular manage to capture the spirit of the Fringe perfectly; as well as being […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Antigone (C Soco)


17 – 30 Aug (not 25) 2100-2215, C Soco The mood is sombre as we enter the House Above. Glasses are raised; speeches are made: we are here to mourn and to remember Antigone. This is Belt Up’s adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy: a tale of betrayal, love, honour and disobedience. Transporting the setting to some […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Laundry of Life Pegged on the Line (C Aquila)


5-30 Aug (not 17) 1905 (2005) @ C aquila, Johnston Terrace Review by Danielle Farrow Dee Mardi presents her laundry for our entertainment, soaked in philosophical and social musings, and conditioned with song. It is the song that lifts this somewhat disjointed mixed load of anecdotes, accents and addresses to the audience. There are interesting […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Following Wendy (C Soco)


15 – 21 August 1635-1735, C Soco If you find yourself being flown straight on til morning by this production’s version of JM Barrie’s hero, you will discover the true nature of Neverland; a place where – like Peter himself – you will never grow old. Taking the premise and characters from the original and […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Five Clever Courtesans (C Aquila)


5-30 Aug (not 17) 2050 (2220) @ C aquila, Johnston Terrace Review by Danielle Farrow. The five courtesans of this play stem from different eras and cultures and are each clever in their own varying ways. Seductive as this production is, it does not provide the titillation some seeking tickets might be after, but is […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Odyssey (C Soco)


14 – 30 Aug (some dates only) 1300-1400, C Soco As we gleefully throw plastic balls at the cowering figure of Ted Stirling, the hero of Belt Up’s visceral interpretation of Odyssey, we realise how easy it is to be persuaded to blindly follow orders: to turn in an instant from sympathy towards a hero […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Metamorphosis (C Soco)


12 – 30 August (not 25) 1700-1815, C Soco It starts with a party. We are ushered into the Samsa family home by the excited guests, given party hats and offered biscuits and lemonade. We dance, we cheer, then take our places around the perimeter of the room as we await the arrival of Gregor, […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Mission of Flowers (C Aquila)


12 – 30 August (not 17) 1430-1530, C Aquila Mission of Flowers is a one-handed production telling the true story of Bill Lancaster, a pilot during the ‘golden age of flight’ in the 1930s. Stranded in the Sahara desert after a crash, the play uses extracts from Lancaster’s letters and logbook to bring the man […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Aleister Crowley: A Passion for Evil (C Central)


Aleister Crowley was ‘The Great Beast’, a mysterious and cultish figure from the 1920s who, immersed in the occult and a desire to free himself from the restrictions of society & religion, founded his own esoteric philosophy. He attracted a number of followers and devotees – either attracted to his charisma and beliefs; or to […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Hedwig and the Angry Inch


5-30 Aug (not 17), 2245 (0030) @ C Plaza It’s always risky to take on a show with a devoted following, but this production has made a strong showing with their take on the cult musical which tells the poignant story of a transsexual rocker’s journey from East Germany to America and her search for […]